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About Us

Founded in 2013, Citation Gurus is a creative design agency that offers a full range of design and development services.

Our Philosophy

sean swansonFrom identity and marketing strategies, to a technically savvy Web presence, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide services that incorporate all strategic and creative aspects of your projects. Citation Gurus has a unique creative team that brings together a strategic mix of expert creative resources.

We work together to utilize the best of our expertise and creativity to bring you and your clients something you will both enjoy. Since we know we perform well together, we can focus 100% on how we can add value to our clients. The depth of our experience assures that each project will capture the attention of your target audience while incorporating the ever-changing trends of the marketplace.

Connecting with your clients

We at Citation Gurus know that effective design produces results, but to do that it must reach your audience so they will reach back to you. Everything we do encapsulates the vision of creating this relationship. Through expertise in usability and marketing, we develop client profiles that are utilized throughout your project to ensure our creations are aimed at the people you want to reach.

Collaborative approach

Most powerful creative ideas come from a collaboration of creative minds. Citation Gurus works hand-in-hand with you and your employees to achieve the optimum results on your project. It’s not just about graphics or usability, it’s more about the tone or message those components convey. You and your employees are part of this creative team, and together we will listen, create and transform.

Empowering our clients

We at Citation Gurus believe strongly that the understanding of the process empowers the client to make purchase decisions. With this in mind, we put effort into educating our clients as we guide them through their projects. It is important that the client end up with the product that they want and need, and they can better determine this when they understand the design and development services they are buying.


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