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Did you know disabling comments and pings on your site could speed up the performance all across the site? Probably not right? It’s one thing that often gets overlooked, or you build your pages not realizing there is a discussion tab with comments and maybe even pings checked all across the site allowing pings and comments on all of your pages and images not just your blog.

Having these enabled on all pages can actually slow down your site performance quite a bit! Just getting rid of pings alone can increase a sites speed by up to 1 second! And if you have a ton of pages and images with comments and pings enabled across the site it may be even more.

So how can we disable these pings and comments across the entire site without doing it one by one? With the great plugin in this video that will show you how to disable comments on your posts, images, pages and more. This plugin will allow you to disable comments and pings across the entire website without having to go through each individual page and image to uncheck the discussion boxes.

This will lighten the load on your system and give your site a boost in speed allowing faster load times and faster speeds from page to page!

sean swanson

sean swanson

Web Designer at Citation Gurus
Sean is a passionate Web Designer and Front-End Developer. He conceptualizes projects from start to finish and has a “Mobile First” mentality, specializing in responsive design. He has been in this industry for almost a decade and carries the expertise and experience to build an effective web presence for your brand.
sean swanson
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