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We all want a faster more secure site right? So how can we achieve this? What are some of the simple things we can do to speed up our site and ensure our site has stronger security as well?

hide my wp for wordpressOne thing we can do is use Hide My WP a plugin that rewrites Javascript urls and plugins to remove the WordPress code from the website. This plugin changes the WP in the website urls to a randomly generated string and 301 redirects the strings so everything goes to the same place as it did before. By removing all of the WP strings and all sources of WordPress from the code along with version numbers the site becomes more secure.

By doing this bots that crawl in search of WordPress sites are fooled by the rewrites and the site is not picked up as a WordPress website. This makes the site safer and combats more spam than sites that are clearly read as WordPress websites. Why? Because these bots are usually scrapers looking for content, programs looking for blogs to spam their links to, and even bots looking to attempt a few hacks on your website.

So now that we have talked a bit about the security lets talk about how this plugin can help boost your site speed without the need for custom coding or manually moving things around. It may sound too good to be true but this plugin is one of the best I have seen for speeding up the site by actually doing it right! The programmers were very careful coding it and the result was a plugin that can actually minify the code correctly causing a huge boost in speed.

The program will minify the code removing tons of extra code from all web pages allowing the pages to load faster. It will strip white space and align the code in a more even and clean way which will allow for faster processing of the pages and less call functions to render the pages, allowing significantly faster page load speeds.

You can watch the video above to see the different settings you should set and how easy this plugin is to use. The video will show you how we set this program to significantly speed up sites on our servers. It will walk you through everything we do to get this plugin setup to be the most compatible and to get the fastest results possible from the setup.

sean swanson

sean swanson

Web Designer at Citation Gurus
Sean is a passionate Web Designer and Front-End Developer. He conceptualizes projects from start to finish and has a “Mobile First” mentality, specializing in responsive design. He has been in this industry for almost a decade and carries the expertise and experience to build an effective web presence for your brand.
sean swanson
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