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Mobile Website Design

Why Is Mobile Optimization Important

Mobile site design users are more likely to use and return to websites that are designed with mobile optimization in mind, so having a mobile version of your website is the competitive advantage. Even though a year ago users visiting your website on a mobile or small screen device made up a insignificant percentage. Today this number has grown to a staggering 50% of all searches done are now from mobile devices.

What Requirements Are There For Mobile?

Different Operating Systems – Just like desktops require different codes for different browsers, mobiles function on different operating systems. Touchscreen, non-touchscreen or a combination of both contribute to the performance of mobile website design, and an experienced developer will be able to take this into account.

Speed – Firstly, speed is one of the single most important factors in mobile browsing. Mobile internet speeds are inevitably slower than that of land line or desktop services and mobile website design needs to take this into account.

Your normal website will not look good on a mobile device. If your customer cannot navigate around your site on a mobile device without zooming in and out, then it is likely they are going to leave before they even find what it is they were looking for.

When you work with a reputable Citation Gurus Web Developer, they will be able to create a responsive web design which adapts to the device that your website is being displayed on, which ensures your customer sticks around. This makes them more likely to convert.

We Can Build Your Mobile Site For You

If you are considering extending your business through a mobile site design, why not hire a professional Citation Gurus mobile web designer. Our mobile web designers know about the limitations for the various cell phones on the market, how to get your new mobile site listed in the mobile website directories and will be able to make recommendations about hosting and how to tie your new mobile site to your current website.

The best way to do this is with a responsive site. A responsive site is a secondary theme within the original theme that is specifically designed for your mobile visitors. This can include graphics for those phones that can see them, and still be fashioned in a way that meets the needs of the mobile phone browsers. This allows for banner ads, and text ads that fit well inside their screen as well as text and links that are specifically chosen to be made available to your browsers on the go.

The best way to go about getting an effective, foolproof mobile strategy is to go to our professionals. Our experts in the field of mobile website design will be able to combat the difficulties of transferring a desktop website to a mobile one whilst maintaining consistency.


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